Catfish Moon Studio Crafts

What You’ll Find in Our Store

Nova Scotia Folk Art

We feature the works of many Atlantic Canadian artisans. The pieces we sell will captivate you with their humour, wit, quirkiness and sometimes just plain absurdity! These artists express the spirit of our region by making everyday things come to life in new ways.

Our Gallery

Our gallery is fresh and colourful and definitely a must see. From our front door to our back garden we’re a feast for the eyes. Our customers have been enjoying our shop for years and we’re on many a travel agenda.

Other Bits and Pieces

There’s more to Catfish Moon than just folk art. We also have a studio where we create felted landscapes and other wool oddities.

Looking for Something?

If you are interested in the folk art we have on hand you can check out our Facebook page or drop us an email and we’ll send you pictures and info to start the ball rolling.

Stop in on your next trip to Annapolis Royal, we’d love to see you!